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not all cinnamons are made equal 妳/你吃對「肉桂」了嗎?

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

cinnamon is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps with chronic cough, colds & clears sinuses. improves blood circulation, relieves menstruation cramps, aids digestion and many many more. but are you adding the right kind of cinnamon into your diet?

肉桂有舒緩發炎的特性,有助於慢性咳嗽,感冒和改善呼吸道健康。有助血液循環,緩解經痛,幫助消化等等。 但,是妳/你吃對肉桂了嗎?

the most common cinnamons are cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon aka. true cinnamon. so what is the difference between the two and why you should consume one of these over the other?

coumarin \ a compound found in cinnamon, is moderately toxic to the liver and kidneys.

CASSIA CINNAMON | a lot cheaper in price. high in coumarin content, one teaspoon of cassia cinnamon powder contains 5.8 to 12.1 mg of coumarin, which may be above the tolerable daily intake value for smaller individuals, essentially could be problematic for your liver and kidneys in the long run. CEYLON CINNAMON | more expensive. research has found ceylon cinnamon to contain very little coumarin.

中國肉桂/玉桂」和 「錫蘭肉桂」是市面上最常見的肉桂,兩者有什麼不同呢,為什麼應該選擇其中之一呢?

香豆素」\ 存在於肉桂中的一種元素,對肝臟和腎臟有中度毒性。

中國肉桂/玉桂 | 價錢便宜,所以被大量使用。但含有高香豆素,1茶匙粉的含量有 5.8 至 12.1 mg ,對於孩童是超過身體每日能承受的劑量,如果長久下來可能會造成肝臟和腎臟出問題。 錫蘭肉桂 | 價位較高,研究出香豆素含量非常的少。

can you spot the difference between the two? the cassia cinnamon bark (on the right) is harder with no layers, therefore harder to break apart. the ceylon cinnamon bark (on the left) is has many layers, softer and easy to break apart.

how to choose the right kind of cinnamon? always buy ceylon cinnamon, if it doesn’t say what kind of cinnamon it is, it is most likely not ceylon cinnamon. you can also tell by the price, if it’s cheap, it probably isn’t the right kind. this is extra tricky with cinnamon powder, where you can’t see the original bark, so always check.

看出來兩者的不同嗎? 右邊的中國肉桂/玉桂棒較硬,只有一片沒有一層層,較難捏碎。而左邊的錫蘭肉桂有很多層,較軟,也較容易捏碎。

如何選購對的肉桂? 選擇購買錫蘭肉桂,如果沒有明確標示出來就很有可能不是錫蘭肉桂,也可以用價錢去判斷,尤其是購買粉末時看不見肉桂原本的樣貌,就一定要確認清楚。

common cinnamon containing foods to look out for \ ▸ cinnamon rolls ▸ curries ▸ indian food ▸ chai tea ▸ baked good/sweets

▸ chinese five spice it’s always ok to double check with makers and restaurants if this concerns you. I love adding cinnamon to my daily smoothies, it helps me with my sinus allergy problem, and I always buy organic & fair-trade ceylon cinnamon.

常見含有肉桂的食物 \ ▸ 肉桂捲 ▸ 咖哩 ▸ 印度菜 ▸ 印度香料茶 ▸ 烘焙/甜點 ▸ 五香/滷包 如果有疑慮就詢問製造商或餐廳。 我每天的果昔都會加肉桂,它幫助我保持呼吸道健康,我一定選購有機並且是公平貿易的錫蘭肉桂。

I love incorporating this beautiful spice into dishes at my eatery, Plants. we always use organic, fair-trade Ceylon cinnamon.

我很喜歡把肉桂加入食物,在 Plants 也能吃到許多含有肉桂的餐點,我們只用有機、公平貿易的錫蘭肉桂喔!

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